Details emerge of BR man in red underpants who attacked officers with ‘superhuman strength’

Baton Rouge police said a man only wearing only red underwear attacked officers with "superhuman strength" while high on 'mojo' yelling and screaming.

Jeremy Wayne Saylor (Source: EBRSO)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – A man wearing only his underwear was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer after they say he initiated a fight with “superhuman strength.”

The suspect, Jeremy Wayne Saylor, 35, was arrested by Baton Rouge Police on Saturday, Sept. 17 shortly before 5 p.m. at a mobile home park on Plank Road.

“[Officers] were dispatched to the trailer park relative to a black male high on the narcotic ‘mojo’ yelling and screaming at people and attacking family members,” notes the probable cause report.

When the first officer arrived, the officer claims to have found Saylor wearing only red underwear. The officer says Saylor charged at the police vehicle.

“[Saylor] started beating on [an officer’s] hood, yelling at [the officer],” states the report. “When [the officer] attempted to get out of his marked police unit, [Saylor] ran towards [the officer’s] driver door and tried to attack [the officer].”

The officer allegedly closed his door on Saylor’s arm, which pinned Saylor while the officer called for backup.

“[Saylor] started punching the windshield several times with his free hand putting a large beach ball size star in the glass,” notes the report.

When backup arrived, they attempted to subdue Saylor with a stun gun. They say they shocked him at least four times, but it had no effect.

“[Saylor] was punching and hitting officers, trying to escape capture,” the report states. “[Saylor] had superhuman strength, which he pushed officers off of him and he was able to get into [a police vehicle]. Officers tried to pull [Saylor] out of the vehicle, which he placed in reverse and tried to run officers over to escape. [Saylor] drove in reverse at a high rate of speed that officers were falling out of the vehicle and officers had to get out of the way to avoid getting run over.”

One officer did sustain a minor injury to his leg during the incident.

Saylor allegedly crashed the police vehicle and “knocked the trailer off the concrete blocks.” After that crash, officers attempted again to restrain Saylor and were successful.

Saylor was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on charges of attempted murder of a police officer (5 counts), resisting with violence, auto theft, and felony damage to property.

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