‘Deepwater Horizon’ honors 11 people who died on rig

(Photo Credit: WWL-TV)
(Photo Credit: WWL-TV)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WWL-TV) – The premiere of new movie ‘Deepwater Horizon’ is hitting New Orleans, but for many in the area, the story hits close to home.

Crude oil and natural gas spewed from an out-of-control well head in the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three months just off the Louisiana coast.

The April 2010 rig explosion aboard the Deepwater horizon rig — killed eleven crewmembers — and spilled more than 200-million gallons of crude into the gulf.

More than six years later, Lionsgate Films is now telling the story of the hours leading up to the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S. history.

Actor Mark Wahlberg played the main character Mike Williams, an oil rig engineer, fighting to survive after the blast.

The real life Williams said the film may be seen through his eyes, but it’s about those who lost their lives on the rig.

“That was my sole mission for agreeing to this, to begin with, was to that we honor those 11 men that sacrificed themselves so I could still be here,” said Williams.

He added that the film is powerful and it takes him right back to rig that fateful day.

“One alarm became two alarms, became four became eight, which became 12 and this thing really got out of control quickly,” said Williams.

Williams’ attorney Scott Bickford said the movie is about the dangers of deep water drilling and human failures.

“Human error, basically brought down, a very large vessel and put a lot of people at risk and killed 11,” Bickford said.

One of the more powerful scenes is when Williams decides to leap into the fiery Gulf of Mexico after helping fellow crew members evacuate the rig.

“Having to make that ultimate decision of jumping off of the rig is when it finally hit me that there are other people at home that need you to survive this as well, being my wife and daughter,” he said.

Deepwater Horizon opens in theaters nationwide Sept. 30.

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