Rye Grass


Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the lawn. Every once and a while your lawn looks kind of bad, improve your garden with grass seeds.

Many people this year had problems with worms in their yard, chinch bugs, the flood, and more. Top dress it with the rye grass, this is what the seed looks like. It’s very small and It looks like rice. Plant in your low, dead areas that you may have, it comes us very quick. It will also grow throughout the winter and won’t die off till May. That’s when your other St. Augustine or centipede grasses thickens. Also recommended if you’re going to be growing rye grass, once it reaches an inch or two hit it with some of this fertilizer ($18.99) to really get it moving. With this seeder if you have a lot to do, it will hold 5 to 10 pounds and evenly spreads in the area. You should have your soil tested to know exactly what to add, lime, sulfur or anything like that. Both short grain and long are available.

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