Update: Westside Elementary and Plaisance Elementary flood-stricken schools


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Throughout Acadiana, only two schools remain closed because of flood-related damage – – Westside Elementary and Plaisance Elementary. Acting Principal for Plaisance Elementary, Korwin Jean says there’s an order of priority. “We want to make sure that the treatment of the air and the air quality is safe for everyone,” says Jean.

Superintendent of Administration and Operations for St. Landry Parish Schools, Joseph Cassimere says that on Wednesday vendors will come to Plaisance Elementary to examine the work that needs done. He says next week bidding will take place on price estimates.

Cassimere says the re-opening timeline is based on many factors. “The weather has a lot to do with it. It depends on the other jobs these contractors are tied up with. It will take time to get materials in here and getting the demolition groups to demolish whatever they have to do,” notes Cassimere.

In Lafayette Parish, Chief Administrative Officer Joe Craig says that at Westside Elementary the walls have been opened to dry out water-logged timber beams. All damaged materials and drywall have been removed.

“As the contractors and the insurance company has taken a look at the building. We realized the damage is more significant than originally thought. Rather than rush to make temporary repairs and put those kids back in school; we are going to step back and do it properly. So, yes the original return date of six to eight weeks is going to be extended,” says Craig.

Both school districts agree there are many factors to consider before reopening a flood-stricken school. Craig says the final calculation for damages from both FEMA and the insurance adjuster definitely have a significant impact on the project timeline

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