Faces of FEMA: making sure representatives are legitimate

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Knocking on doors, entering homes and comforting flood victims is one of the many job requirements for FEMA representatives.

To ensure residents safety they want to make sure that you know the faces of FEMA.””

Many are pretending to be FEMA representatives and taking advantage of flood victims.

FEMA Disaster Assistant Specialist, Glenn St. Pierre said there are ways to make sure the person knocking on your door is legitimate.

“The first thing we do is just introduce ourselves, show them our credentials to make sure that they actually know that we’re with FEMA,” said Pierre, “One of the main things is our badges, our credentials and our uniforms from FEMA.”

Pierre served in the Coast Guard for 30 years, where he was first introduced to FEMA back in 2005.

“My first introduction to FEMA was when I was here wearing a Coast Guard uniform at Katrina, and really got to meet the people in Louisiana,” said Pierre, “That’s one reason why I still do this after I’ve retired from the Coast Guard is to get out to meet people and to try and help.”

Ty Cobb was out of town when the flood waters entered his home.

His wife had to be rescued and they are currently living in a motor home until their home is livable again.

He said representatives like Pierre have made that process a lot easier on him and his family.

“The guy was extremely friendly, extremely helpful, extremely thorough,” said Cobb, “He walked through, took measurements, took pictures, wrote up his report. And two days later FEMA had direct deposited money into my checking account. We were able to get started almost immediately.”

According to FEMA representatives, they have met face to face with over 34,500 flood victims.

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