FEMA assistance registration still open

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– FEMA  has helped thousands across Acadian since the historic flooding took place in august and if you need assistance and have not registered, it’s not too late.

According to the organization, the last day of registration is October 13th.

FEMA stepped in the second the governor made a declaration that Louisiana was in a state of emergency.

FEMA is the coordinate agency for state, local, and federal assistance.

“We can’t make you whole, but we can get you on the road to recovery,” says Peter Sessum, media relations for FEMA, “We are part of the process but not the entire process.”

FEMA has already had over 146 thousand people register, with about 350 people  coming in each day throughout the 22 parishes that were affected by the flood.

“Our main issue here is how to get people back into their normal lives, housing, we try to absorb as much as the rental resources are available and try to get them in a safe sanitary inhabitable position,” says Alberto Pilot who is a media relations manager for FEMA.

If you have received a letter of ineligibility, don’t give up just yet. We’re told you can appeal it.

“Come and ask us questions so you can see what it is. Some things have been as simple as the social security number doesn’t match the person’s name,” Sessum tells us.

Another issue that can be appealed is if your insurance had not been updated in the system.

FEMA works with the SBA which is the second step to getting businesses back on track.

“Our role is to be the largest source of money to repair, recovery and replenishment for the community,” Susheel Kumar, who is the P.I.O for SBA.

$1.5-billion of federal aid had been granted.

News 10 was told that as of Thursday morning, $544-million has already been lent.

“That’s 7200 houses and businesses that have benefited as a result,” says Kumnar. “A lot of work still needs to be done.”

If you still have not registered, don’t forget to bring in your social security card, your driver’s license or form of identification and proof of insurance.

Office hours vary but FEMA will be open 7 days a week.

To contact the recovery effort dial 18006213362 or go to disasterassistance.org


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