The latest: Toolbox homicide, all we know

Photo: Lafayette Police: From left to right, Barrett B. Farabee II, Alannah L. Montalvo

LAFAYETTE, La. (KFLY)—As Lafayette Police are putting this bizarre story together, new information is being learned and progress is being made.

Hours after releasing the description of a vehicle of interest, authorities have located it.

The Green Honda Accord registered to Barrett Farabee was found Thursday morning at a local car dealership and is believed to have been there for more than a month.

Farabee is believed to be the person responsible for Alannah Montalvo’s death, based on forensic evidence and statements obtained during the course of both investigations, officials said.

Last Friday morning, investigators explained Farabee was naked and trespassing when he pulled two guns out of his shoes, threatening the homeowner.

Police said the homeowner shot and killed Farabee after pulling the guns on him a second time.

The Honda was expected to have physical forensic evidence important to the case, but police learned otherwise.

“We did start the process and investigate that vehicle.” Karl Ratcliff said, “During the course of that we figured out, given the timeline, and the condition of that vehicle, where it was and the condition it was in, it most likely was not involved in this and we were able to confirm it was not involved.”

However, police did learn through the investigation that Farabee, 36, was in a relationship with 23-year-old Alannah Montalvo, the woman whose dismembered body was found in a toolbox on Wilderness rTail.

News 10 spoke with a resident who lives just off of Wilderness Trail. He said the news of a body being found in a toolbox isn’t exactly surprising.

“The longer we go, the less I’m being shocked about what’s happening in this world today.” said Dennis Boyd, “40 years ago you didn’t hardly have to lock your houses, now you have to lock your front door if you’re going in the backyard just to protect yourself.”

Officer Ratcliff said a tip from the Duson Police Department about where Alannah may be, led authorities to Wilderness Trail where her body was found.

News 10 reached out to the coroners office who said the final autopsy report on Alannah Montalvo could be as long as a month before it is completed.

Lafayette Police said they have been in contact with the victim’s family and have been transparent with them throughout the investigation.

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