Developers appeal Pinhook student housing denial decision

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Traffic on Pinhook Road is the very reason residents of the Bendel Gardens neighborhood are petitioning an apratment building from being built across the street.

Becky Hawthorne is one of the 274 homeowners in the Bendel Gardens neighborhood. That’s nearly 300 families using the intersection on a daily basis along with regular traffic on Pinhook.

“We already know that Lafayette has a traffic problem. We already know that Pinhook Road has an even worse traffic problem and this particular stretch of Pinhook Road has a death defying traffic problem,” said Hawthorne.

Traffic is the main issue residents and business owners have with the proposed 1500 Pinhook apartments, apartments expected to house about 600 UL-Lafayette students.

“If you consider putting another 600 vehicles in that small area it’s insane,” said Hawthorne.

Hawthorne also feels the location of the apartments would pose a safety threat to students.

“I can just imagine this in my mind, college students darting across five lanes of Pinhook traffic to get to the Shell station. If I were a parent sending my student to Lafayette to go to college there’s no way I would put them in that situation. It’s that dangerous,” said Hawthorne.

The planning and zoning commison voted to deny the initial application in early August. Hawthorne is hoping the council will do the same at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“Best-case senareio would be that the city council wisely reviews all of the information before them, all of the concerns of the residents and vote to deny this application,” said Hawthorne.


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