Dial Dalfred: Lafayette family heartbroken after discovering beloved dog’s final resting place


One Lafayette family is devastated after learning the remains of their family pet weren’t exactly where they were told the ashes would be.

News Tens Dalfred Jones explains in this Dial Dalfred report.

After 20 years together, one local family was forced to say goodbye to the family pet.   When searching for the proper sendoff, they were directed here to Faithful Friends Pet Cremation services.

Katina Babineaux and her brother Tilman were resting at home when suddenly their 20 year old Chihuahua, known as Bai Bai, fell sick. The dog was then rushed to the Bertrand Animal Clinic.

“He said that she would need surgery and it would not be good for her, she would always suffer. It would be best to put her down.””

They agreed to have the dog put to sleep and cremated, but had questions about what would happen next.

“They said that she would be put in the Rose Petal Garden. I said, what is that? They said, it’s like a little graveyard site that’s beautiful, she’ll be with other animals. We’ll spread her ashes there with the other animals.”

Once again, they agreed but when Tilman went to visit the site,

“What my brother saw just made him sick.”  A mound of dirt and weeds with few rose bushes in the background.

Mark Cascio is the owner of faithful friends pet cremation services.

He says about two years ago, his staff decided to plant the memorial garden instead of having pet remains shipped off to be forgotten in a landfill.

“As a common courtesy, at no charge, they decided to spread those ashes in our memorial garden.”

Since it’s cremation, Mark and his staff have dealt with erosion issues in the garden and as you can see in these photos, additional soil was brought in and they were in the process of making repairs before the historic flooding last month, which delayed their progress.

Cascio says they plan on getting a professional to come in and solve the erosion problem.

“We have been overwhelmed because of the flooding with business. Also, the fact that contractors are just busy helping people get their lives back together.”

Mark says it’s a priority to get the garden cleaned up and accessible to the community.

“If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community, or you simply need a question answered, Dial Dalfred at 262-0868. In Lafayette Parish, Dalfred Jones for KLFY News Ten.”



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