Explosion reported in Webster Parish


(KSLA) – There are reports of an explosion this morning in Webster Parish.

Truck driver DaWayne Munk told KSLA News 12 it appeared to come from the southeast. He was driving on Interstate 20 near mile marker 33 at the time.

“I saw a fireball over the tree line. The whole sky lit up.”

The phone calls started coming in about 5 a.m.

Louisiana State Police Troop G said it has received reports of an explosion. “The phone won’t quit ringing long enough for me to send someone that way,” a spokesman said.

The National Weather Service has since reported picking up a debris cloud on its radar.

A KSLA News 12 viewer said he was along Interstate 20 near the Haughton exit when “the sky lit up like it was daylight.”

“We can’t confirm exactly where it is at,” said a spokeswoman for the Webster sheriff’s office in Minden.

Blanchard resident David Morgan said he was traveling east on Interstate 220 at Airline Drive when it happened.

“I’ve never a light like that in the sky. I thought Jesus must have come back or something.”

The last time there were reports of this nature, there had been an explosion at Camp Minden.

The investigation into the blast in 2012 at Explo Systems Inc. led to the discovery of millions of pounds of M-6 propellant improperly stored at the facility.

There’s a burn operation underway now to destroy the propellant.

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