Community gathers for vigil honoring 20 year old Tyler Etienne

On Sunday the community of Lafayette paid their respects to Tyler Etienne and his family.  News Tens Emily Giangreco attended the candle light vigil.

Community members gathered at Gethsemane Church in Lafayette Sunday to honor the life of Tyler Etienne.

Last Thursday, 20 year old Etienne was shot and killed on Ninth Street in Lafayette.

Family friend Barbara Broussard remembers how loving Etienne was. and says he will truly be missed by everyone.

“Very happy, life of the party, if you were having a down day you could go meet him and he’ll uplift you, he was a good guy.”

Etienne was the cousin of Ashley Metz who was murdered in June. Metz’s mother Carla Dean says this tragedy has the family starting the greving process once again.

“Hearing it for the first time, trying to accept the tragedy, so we’re just reliving the nightmare all over again.”

Dean says she wants the violence to stop.

“It’s senseless and really at the end of the day there’s no reason for all of this to be happening. Not just because it’s my family but because it just doesnt need to happen. There should be other ways to handle situations than to always just pull out a gun and want to shoot and kill someone.”

But through these tough times the community will continue to stick together.

“We love you guys. We support you and we stand with you. And through this, by putting God first, we’re gonna make it you know as long as we stick together.”

“I know my family, my sisters and I, we have to make it, there’s no other options. And we will, we will.”

Reporting in Lafayette Emily Giangreco KLFY News Ten.

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