Two Vermilion Parish students arrested for alleged clown threats on social media

Photo: KLFY

VERMILION PARISH, La. (KLFY)— Another Vermilion Parish Student has been arrested after allegedly sending threatening social media messages.

Authorities said in one Facebook post, a suspect threaten to shoot up the police station before going to schools to do the same.

According to the Parish School Superintendent, two high school students have been arrested so far. One from Kaplan High School, and the other from Erath High.

Guerrini said joke or not, any and all threats will not be taken lightly at any school in Vermilion Parish.

Kaplan High’s Principal, Janet Guerrini said she’s outraged with all the clown threats being made, “It’s disappointing that we are having to take time out of curriculum, teaching, and instruction to worry about a joke, but you don’t know it’s a joke.”

She said it’s her job to ensure the safety of every student left in her care and that every child that goes to her school will be safe.

“You want to do some type of prank? You want to dress up like a clown? Don’t come in my area, and that’s my message.” – Kaplan High Principal Janet Guerrini

Guerrini’s message is echoed by Superintendent Jerome Puyau who said the plan for a partial lockdown of Kaplan schools due to a social media threat was avoided Monday after the suspected student was arrested.

According to police, the IP address of the student accused of sending the social media threat was obtained. The suspect was later arrested.

Superintendent Puyau wants parents to reach out to their children and let them know the severity of threats, “If they are old enough, they will have felony charges pressed against [them].”

Puyau said there is a third case being investigated involving a threat against a student at another school.

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