What’s next for Don’s Specialty Meats

CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – Looking at the outside of Don’s Specialty Meats you may not see what’s left of the tradgedy that took place.

But if you walk around to the left side of the building, or even take a step inside, you will see nothing but ashes left from a fire that took over the store Sunday morning.

While the employees were preparing for an early morning lunch crowd, manager Ashley Landry discovered the barbeque pit had caught on fire.

“One of my girls she was like ‘Ashley the ceiling tile just kind of tilted’ and I was like well that’s not right,” said Landry, “I ran to the back and as soon as I opened the door the barbeque room was in flames so I just ran back in and told everybody to get out.”

Owner Mark Cole is thankful that everyone was able to get out safely.

Although the building is a total loss, Cole said he is ready to take the next step and get customers back in as soon as possible.

“I started in 1993 been here for 23 years,” said Cole, “I plan on staying in Carencro here also and serving the people in this area and ready for customers to come back hopefully within the next year.”

Monday, Cole had the insurance adjuster come and look at the damage.

Cole said its difficult seeing his business destroyed, knowing what it meant to the community.

The emotions at this time is very tremendous,” said Cole, “The people that we have served it’s been tremendous over the period of years here serving boudin, cracklins, specialty meats and plate lunches every Sunday and it’s been a staple of this area and people are looking forward to us coming back here.”

Cole thanks his customers for their business over the last 23 years and says he does plan to rebuild.

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