Deer Food

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden. Today on your garden we’re not talking about the lawn or the garden, we’re talking about deer! All of these bags are the same color for a pretty good reason: Hunting

This is the time of the year when all of these products are released. These products from Pennington and The Buck Buster are great. There are different clover mixes mostly of oaks and wheat, along with cereal rye.  Normally 1-2 bags per acre is recommended. For smaller plots different clover mixes are available. If you want to something real quick, you can get what’s called ‘rapeseed’. It’s the size of a mustard seed that grows in areas where you don’t get much sun.  Also, Deer Greens is a product that has mustard,  turnips, and radid, and will get the deer out quickly.

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