Ville Platte residents say hydrants weren’t working during house fire

Photo: KLFY

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY)— Some Ville Platte residents reported that the fire hydrants in their neighborhood weren’t working during a house fire last week, and they’re right.

On West Live Oak Street in Ville Platte, some residents said firefighters weren’t able to get water from the nearby hydrant as a house burned. A hydrant which was less than 50 yards away.

That home was destroyed in a fire last Friday. Now some residents believe that the house could have been saved if the fire hydrants were working.

Ville Platte Mayor Jennifer Vidrine said the fire department was aware of the non-active hydrants.

“They brought water with them to the site,” said the Mayor Vidrine, “So, they did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

Fire hydrants in the city are color coded, and some of the hydrants in Ville Platte are painted black which is to let first responders know there’s no water connected.

According to the town’s engineer, Ronnie Landreneau, the city is adding two new water lines but the lines have not been activated yet.

The hydrants on West Live Oak Street are brand new and were not connected to the system yet.

The town is currently undergoing a $13.5-million water improvement project on the west side.

“Once the water project and laying of the pipe is down,” said Mayor Vidrine, “then all the new fire hydrants will be put online.”

Landreuneau said the lines will be pressure tested and added onto the system within the next six months.

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