Eunice first responders conduct ruptured pipeline drill

EUNICE, La (KLFY) – Eunice first responders spent several hours Wednesday morning conducting a drill simulating a pipeline rupture and fire. It was put on in part by TransCanada Pipeline Corporation.

“TransCanada does a major field exercise in its natural gas operations once ever year, but we do table top exercises (smaller drills) 120 times a year throughout North America,” said TransCanada spokesman, David Dodson.

Dodson says these safety practices prepare first responders in the event of a future emergency situation.

“They’re going to be on the scene before TransCanada typically can be here, so we need to be able to coordinate with them,” said Dodson. “They need to know us and we need to know them.”

Eunice Police Chief, Randy Fontenot, says with the city having a pipeline that runs right next to LSUE this type of drill is very important.

“If we ever do have an emergency we’re all on the same page, we’ll know what all of our responsibilities are going to be and how we’re going to work together,” said Chief Fontenot.

Chief Fontenot says overall the practice drill went very well.

“Had this been a real deal I think it would’ve gone smoothly, everything ran according to plan,” said Chief Fontenot.

TransCanada officials say this was a unique example of how first responders should react if a pipeline were to rupture.

“It was so gratifying to see how quickly the local first responders were on the scene,” said Dodson. “They were here very rapidly, they deployed in the correct way, and we just couldn’t be more pleased with their response.”

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