LSU fans react to game scheduled in Florida, despite Hurricane Matthew

Photo: KLFY

BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – The LSU-Florida game is still being played in Gainesville, despite Hurricane Matthew barreling towards parts of Florida.

This is according to a recent announcement made by the University of Florida Wednesday afternoon.

Some LSU fans said they think the announcement is unsafe for players and fans.

“It is outrageous because today our president even talked about it, our governor wants an evacuation in Florida. How can we have a game when the state is preparing for an emergency,” Sarwar Kahn said, LSU fan.

The University of Florida also announced Wednesday they are closing campus on Friday because of Hurricane Matthew, which is now a category 4 hurricane.

“When you’re dealing with SEC teams, home field advantage is a big deal so Florida I’m sure doesn’t want to lose that to LSU,” Billy Musgraves said, LSU fan.

Florida officials said they are monitoring Hurricane Matthew’s progress as both teams prepare for Saturday.

The final decision for the start time of the LSU-Florida game is expected to be made by noon on Thursday.

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