LSU fans empathize with Gators fans, disappointed over cancellation

BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) – Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit Florida Friday and while Louisiana is staying clear of its path, football fans are feeling the wrath of the storm.

HurricaneMatthew is on track to make landfall in Daytona Beach just 70 miles from Gainesville pushing the SEC to postpone Saturday’s matchup between the LSU Tigers and Florida Gators.

“I told the team about 2:15 and they were very, very  disappointed,” said Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

Whether or not to play the game has been in question for several days.

“I don’t know why they made it this late because they knew it was going to most likely impact Florida,” said LSU fan Harrison Martingayle.

The decision to postpone came late Thursday leaving no time for a backup plan.

LSU cross country runner Harrison Martingayle said he’s disappointed there won’t be a game.

“I thought that they might potentially move it even if it was a home game for us or maybe a neutral site that would be more conducive for Florida, but I do understand it’s a safety risk.”

LSU fans like Debbie Kelly are no stranger to hurricanes.

“I mean it’s a storm, I mean I was here for Katrina and that’s the best thing you can do is leave when something like that comes. You can’t control weather,” said Kelly.

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron said the team isn’t letting this week stop their momentum.

“I know this, that this football team will be ready to play next Saturday. I promise you that.”

As of now both teams do not have a common open date to reschedule but they are hoping to reschedule sometime before the season ends.

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