Over 2,000 cubic yards of debris picked up in Broussard

Debris-lined streets in every direction didn’t break the spirits of friends and neighbors alike, working side by side during cleanup after the flooding. (Photo: Kelly Richard Briggs/Special to The Advertiser)

BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY)– It’s been over two months since the flood.

The city of Broussard’s final pick-up day for all the debris was Thursday.

A total of 2500 cubic yards of flood debris was picked up post-flood in Broussard.

City Spokesperson Amy Jones says about a hundred homes had severe damage, but because of the bayou project, most of the water runoff went into the retention area.

“It certainly saved a lot of homes from the damage that they could have been dealing with,” says Jones.

Some residents are concerned about people still struggling to clean up their property.

If there still are residents that have any debris that remains, we are told that there will be dumpsters behind City Hall.

Jones says residents will be able to bring any remaining debris to that particular location.

Residents need to remember is to bring proof of residency if they plan to use the dumpsters like a water bill, light bill, or driver license.

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