232-HELP: Those affected by Matthew will have long road to recovery

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As Hurricane Matthew makes it’s way up the east coast many residents are dealing with powerful winds, and like many of us here in Acadiana, residents will also be dealing with high water and the long recovery that comes with it.

The now category 2 hurricane has been in motion for just over a week leaving behind a trail of destruction.

As many prepare for the aftermath, local agencies are reminded of the recent flooding here in Acadiana. 232-HELP Executive Director Rae Logan said the water may be gone, but southwest Louisiana is still picking up the pieces.

Logan said after devastations like floods and hurricanes, communities can take years to recover.

“If you recall the Carencro flooding a few years back it actually took two years for those communities to actually recover from that flood. This is a much more massive flooding and they’re estimating now it’s going to take three to five years.”

Logan said there are three phases to hurricane relief

“There’s really three stages, there’s you know it’s coming. Then you have to wait out the storm, which is where they really are right now, and then you come out of that and that where you see what damage is done.”

Leaving a major need for donations and volunteers for both Louisiana and those impacted by Matthew.

“The number one thing I think would be, check on volunteering that’s always very important and like I said monetary donations are always welcome.”

If you would like to donate, volunteer, or are in need of assistance dial 232-HELP.

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