Local utility companies ready to help Hurricane Matthew affected areas

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—Louisiana is no stranger to natural disasters and when there’re others in need, local utility companies lend a helping hand.

CLECO is a partner with the Southeaster Electric Exchange Assistance Program.

When it became clear that a category 4 hurricane would make landfall along the southeast coast, CLECO along with other utility companies were ready to head out.

“We’ve been in the same situation where we needed help so we know how important that is,” said CLECO employee, Mike Bares, “So we’re very happy to provide utilities when they’re in the same situation.”

44-members of CLECO from Bunkie, New Iberia, Pineville, Eunice, Covington, Mansfield, and Rosepine gathered Thursday and went out to Georgia stopping in Macon Ga. on Friday to see where they are needed the most.

More than 50 contractors were also sent out to assist other operations.

According to Bares, the crews will first assess the damage from the system, “With hurricanes of this magnitude, there’s going to be high winds, probably a lot of trees down that are going to down power lines.” Bares added that the crews are looking to pick up lines and restore try to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Other utility companies like SLEMCO are also prepared to help those arrested by Hurricane Matthew.

According to a spokesperson for the utility company, SLEMCO has workers signed up and ready to go if they are called upon.

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