Sugarcane harvest begins, farmers and motorists urged to share the roads

YOUNGSVILLE, La (KLFY) – As sugarcane harvest gets into its early stages, farmers are preparing for what looks to be a good season ahead.

This is just the first week of harvest for Dore Farms and the owner says things are already looking pretty good out in the field.

Ryan Dore, owner of Dore Farms, has had the tractors and combines are out in full force taking advantage of what he says are currently really nice harvesting conditions.

“Its been really dry, which is good and right now we’re harvesting what we call our older cane, our older stubble, which is not going to be as productive as the younger cane,” said Dore.

Dore says it’s too early as of now to determine whether or not the historic flood affected the industry, however, he says he expects sugarcane farmers will be rolling in alot of green this season.

“The turnage is a little bit lighter then we would like to see, but the sucrose is high. The sugar content is high,” said Dore.

While the sugar content is the big money maker for the industry, it’s how the farmers do their job that poses the most risk.

“If everybody could be respectful on the road, that’s our biggest thing,” said Dore.

With farmers constantly operating heavy machinery on and off the road, Dore says he just wants to remind motorists to be aware.

“Everything we have on the road is pretty much slow-moving; tractors, combines, trailers being hauled on the road, trucks,” said Dore.

While things are moving at a slow pace right now, Dore expects business will pick up over the next few days.

“As things progress, we’re going to pick up the pace and things will be moving more,” said Dore.

Harvest is expected to last for the next 100 days.

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