LPSS conducts survey about Westside Students and temporary campus proposal

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In Lafayette Parish, parents of Westside Elementary School students are speaking out. Some say they support their children going to school in Scott while Westside undergoes repairs from the recent flooding, even if they have to attend class in portable buildings. However, there are those who don’t support such an idea.

According to LPSS, FEMA has suggested Westside Students should return to the community they’re zoned for. The district took the advice and found Scott Middle to be a location to build a portable campus for Westside.  The board will be asked to vote on the proposal on Wednesday, October 12.

Last week the survey was given to parents gauging whether or not they supports the idea of the temporary campus at Scott Middle.  The survey has two options – it’s yes or no. The Principal of Westside, Lisa Thomas says as of Monday 465 surveys went home. Thomas says 284 parents said yes to the modular campus move, 8 marked no and 1 parent submitted a split vote of 50/50.

Thomas explains that parents want to know what’s going on.  “They want to stay abreast of everything.”  According the board agenda, if the board disagrees with building a temporary campus at Scott middle; Westside students will have to remain at N.P. Moss Prep until the end of the school year.

Grandparent Anna Williams supports the move even with the portable buildings being part of the equation. Williams adds she has two grandchildren relocated from Westside. “They are more use to Scott. My little grandbaby told me Mama Anna I’m ready to go back to Scott,” explains Williams.

Thomas says 2nd thru 5th graders from Westside are at N.P. Moss and Scott Middle has the school’s K through first graders. Principal Thomas says moving back not only puts the grade levels back onto one site but gives the relocated students some transportation relief. “It’s hard in the morning with the shuttling of the buses; they are on bus transportation for quite a while probably over an hour,” notes Thomas.

On Wednesday, board members will be asked to cast their vote hopefully for the final time. The district anticipates flood repairs at Westside will not be complete until 2018. The move to Scott Middle would happen in January 2017.

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