Decades old law in Youngsville prevents sell of alcohol on Sunday, re-examined

Photo: KLFY

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Youngsville residents have been buying alcohol on Sunday’s for many years, but an old ordinance states these residents technically have been breaking the law.

For decades the city of Youngsville has been following the guidelines of the parish when it comes to alcohol sales.

Council member Matt Romero said recently, the city became aware of an old ordinance.

“We had a new business that is wanting to establish in Youngsville and they went searching through all of our ordinances and they found one that restricted the sale of alcohol on Sundays.”

Youngsville Chief of Police Ricky Boudreaux said the old law has not been enforced for several decades.

“Well, it just hadn’t been enforced. It was a city ordinance that really wasn’t enforced. It was under the assumption that the previous administration had taken care of it.”

And this ordinance isn’t the only outdated law in the city.

“There was still one that you couldn’t park the horse and buggy on the street way so we’re just cleaning up our ordinances,” said Boudreaux.

Boudreaux said there is no need for residents to be alarmed residents can continue to purchase alcohol on Sunday worry free.

“No, no one broke the law, no one is in any trouble nothing like that.”

The council will present the new, updated ordinance at Thursday night’s city council meeting.

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