District Attorney Keith Stutes says ‘personal matters,’ led to ADA’s resignation

It’s a story we first brought to you on News Ten at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Assistant District Attorney, Celeste White resigned and Dwayne Prejean, a Lafayette Metro Narcotics Agent was transferred.

We continue our efforts to find out the relationship between the two actions, and if it effects any cases they may have worked on together.

News Tens Dalfred Jones joins us in the studio with the details.

“Last night when we broke the story, we were told ADA Celeste White was fired, and Captain Dwayne Prejean had been reassigned.

After speaking with the 15th Judicial District District Attorney Keith Stutes, he sent us this statement:

On October 7th, White tendered her resignation based on personal matters. He says White’s position has been filled and none of her work as ADA has been called into question.

We also reached out to Lafayette Police for a statement on the situation.  We were told Chief Reginald Thomas would not be commenting on the recent reassignment of employees within his department or the D-A’s office.

“Chief Thomas did say that no disciplinary action or investigation has been enacted by the Lafayette Police Department.

In the studio, Dalfred Jones for KLFY News Ten.”

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