Residents upset over Camellia Blvd construction

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Motorists are frustrated with traffic on Camellia Boulevard due to construction.

The road way was built just 13 years ago and now repairs are taking place at Eastland all the way to Verot School Road.

Nearly 35,000 vehicles travel down Camellia Blvd daily.

And over the past two months, those vehicles have been forced to merge into one lane due to construction.

“This is fairly new,” said resident Kirsti Ortego, “what could have gone wrong?”

The repairs most likely won’t be finished until after the holidays.

“Well what it’s doing is it’s really hurting my commute in the mornings and in the afternoons,” said Ortego, “I do sales so I’m often on the road. And it doesn’t matter what time of day it is; what normally takes me 10 minutes is turning into 30 minutes.”

Workers are repairing expansion joints that are under stress and causing the pavement to crack.

Our partners at The Advertiser found letters and memos that showed the Walter Comeaux administration and H&S Construction, who build the road, knew about faulty expansion joints.

“Why are we having to spend more money to fix roads that should last probably 25 years something like that I would believe,” said resident Sandy Vinson, “It’s tough, because right now my property tax is going up, almost double, and it’s probably to help off set roads and things like that so I’m not happy about it.”

But Comeaux’s administration did not require the company to repair the work and wanted the road to be complete during his term in office.

“That’s upsetting,” said Ortego, “I mean that was a big investment they should have put more money into that knowing that down the road this is what’s going to happen and cost us money out of our pockets.”

When the road was originally built it cost $12.8 million.

Now Lafayette taxpayers are paying roughly $800,000 to fix it.

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