80 Mayors from across Canada & Acadiana meet to promote tourism

Photo: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KFLY)—Today at Lafayette City Hall, Mayors from all across Canada as well as Acadiana were in attendance for the Francophones City’s Event.

The event being held in Lafayette is huge for Acadiana, From Oct. 13 through the 15, Lafayette will be hosting the North American Francophone Cities Network’s first event since its establishment last year in Quebec.

“We have 80 mayors here from all over Canada and the area.” Said Mayor-President Robideaux, “It’s great to discuss Idea’s on tourism and business.”

Tourism is a huge part of what makes Acadiana tick, and the Francophone Cities are a big part of keeping that alive.

According to the President and CEO of Lafayette Convention & Tourism Department Ben Berthelot, Canadians make up about 90% of Lafayette’s International visitors. “So the Francophone people help us a lot.”

It’s a win-win for everyone involved according to Quebec City’s Mayor Regis Lebeaux.

“I told your governor that it’s all about promoting Lafayette to our Canadian cities,” said Quebec’s Mayor, “if you do that, it will help Lafayette and the entire state.”

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