Local church with ties to Haiti collecting donations for hurricane relief

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – Acadiana is known for its giving spirit at home and abroad, and now that generosity is being extended to Haiti, a nation where Hurricane Matthew killed more than one thousand people.

The devastation in Haiti hits close to home for The Bayou Church in Lafayette, which is why church leaders are collecting donations to benefit hurricane relief efforts.

The church has been partnering with Petit Trou Baptist Church in Petit Trou, Haiti for the last several years.

“The storm passed just to the west of it and they got some of the worst parts of Hurricane Matthew,” said Sean Walker, Executive Pastor at The Bayou Church.

Church leaders say they began watching Hurricane Matthew very closely after getting word that the country was in its path.

“Many people in Haiti didn’t even know the storm was coming until it was already there,” said Walker.

Assuming the devastation to come, The Bayou Church Executive Pastor, Sean Walker, says the church immediately began praying and asking for donations.

“We actually already had some donations collected for things like this,” said Walker.

After nearly two weeks of waiting for confirmation that everyone was okay, Walker says they’ve finally received word from their sister church.

“We’ve been waiting all this time to find out if they made it through or if anyone died,” said Walker.

Those were questions Walker says were just answered Friday morning.

“We heard back that there hasn’t been anyone in the city who passed away, which is such great news,” said Walker.

However, Walker says the biggest needs right now in Haiti-food and clean water. Through Reciprocal Ministries International, he says the church is helping raise money in order to pay for boxes of food and water filters.

“Those are the two things we’re focusing on and we’ve seen incredible generosity from our church, and even from people who aren’t apart of The Bayou Church,” said Walker.

If you would like to assist The Bayou Church in showing support for those in Haiti, click here.

1 thought on “Local church with ties to Haiti collecting donations for hurricane relief

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