Bayou Vermilion District brings environmental awareness to Festival Acadien

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Festivals offer food, music, and of course a good time, but they also bring a lot of trash. This year festival goers were able to help keepAcadiana clean by separating recycled items and trash

If you were at Festival Acdiens this weekend you make have noticed several trash and recycle bins around the festival grounds

Bayou Vermilion District Environmental Awareness Director Greg Guidroz said he and his team placed 100 recycle bins and 60 trash bins around the festival grounds to help promote an environmental safe festival.

“We are like the lymphatic system of the festival organisim and all of us are proudcing festival waste. So our job, as the lymphatic system, is to move that waste from the system so more people can have fun.”

Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and cardboard are all items that can be recycled.

UL-Lafayette Biology Society member Dylon Derouen said disposing of waste properly can help perserve our natural resources.

“We need to conserve our natural resources as much as possiible so we can enjoy this planet as long as possible.”

Guidroz said simple changes like recycling can help keep the Louisiana’s culture alive.

“Crawfish, catfish, seafood all the cuisines that we love and enjoy and call our cutlural cuisines. These don’t exist without the environment being healthy enough to propergate them.”

Nearly 40% of the waste collected over the weekend will be recycled.

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