Cajun Navy now has official song to help recruit volunteers

Click Here for video of full song

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)— The Cajun Navy is well known around South Louisiana as citizens who took it upon themselves to help rescue stranded residents during recent natural disasters.

Now the Cajun Navy has an official song, to get the word out as they continue to look to bring in more volunteers.

Meet Vaughn Godeaux, just an ordinary guy. That is until you put a harmonica and a guitar in his hand, then he becomes a poet and musician all in one.

The Melville native wrote the song “Land of the Hurricane” after the recent flooding in August, and now the song has become the official song of the Cajun Navy.

The Cajun Navy rescued thousands of people in South Louisiana which had been well documented, and now they are in the Carolina’s helping those who have also been stranded and trapped by flood waters.

“We have a number of people up in South Carolina,” said Shawn Boudreaux, “and their boats should be in the water today.”

The Cajun Navy is currently looking for volunteers, for more information on how to join, check out their Facebook page here.

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