Two traveling from Denver arrested on I-49 for possession

Photo: Washington Police

WASHINGTON, La. (KLFY)— Police arrested two on their way back from Denver with 16 bottles filled with narcotics, authorities said.

Washington Chief of Police Latoya Trent said a patrol officer pulled over an SUV driven by Jenna Grant at approximately 9 a.m. on I-49.

According to a news release, as the officer approached the vehicle he smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and additionally noticing a green leafy substance on the passenger’s pants.

When asking if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, the passenger who was identified as Swinson Terry admitted to having a box containing 16 bottles of various brands of marijuana, authorities said.

The news release stated each bottle had contained three to four grams of marijuana, amphet salts, marijuana gum drop candy, marijuana oil, a grinder, and several glass pipes.

Both Grant and Terry were arrested for possession with intent to distribute schedule 1 and 2 drugs.

According to police, Terry stated that they were traveling from Denver.

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