Youngsville police keeping eye on those dressed as clowns this Halloween

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Halloween is where kids can dress up in costume, go door to door, and receive candy.

But due to recent events some parents are worried about their children going trick-or-treating.

People dressed as clowns have been scaring or threatening residents across the United States.

Causing businesses like Target to remove clown masks from their shelves right before Halloween.

Youngsville Chief of Police Rickey Boudreaux said officers will be keeping a close eye on those dressing in the costume Halloween night.

“There are some parents that are concerned. We will be out there, diligently,” said Chief Boudreaux, “We’ll keep a closer eye on them. What people need to understand that if you start creating a fear in a lot of people it could possibly lead to a possible terrorizing charge and nobody wants to do that to a young individual that thinks he’s being funny but sometimes we’re left with no choice”

Chad Guidroz has an 11 year old daughter.

While he’s not afraid to take his daughter out this Halloween, he does find it unfortunate that some pranksters are ruining it for others.

“It’s ridiculous and it’s ruining the fun for a lot of children,” said Guidroz, “They don’t get to experience Halloween because of ignorance of society, it’s true. People just take advantage of things that’s suppose to be fun.”

Chief Boudreaux ensures him and his team will make sure that this Halloween everyone will feel safe.

“If you have any concerns what so ever, feel free to contact this department, feel free to contact any officer you see out there on the street, or call 911,” said Chief Boudreaux, “Every officer we have will be out on the roads making sure that everybody’s having a safe event.”

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