UPDATE: Fire at Evangeline Elderly Apartments ruled accidental


UPDATE: Lafayette Fire Spokesman Alton Trahan says the cause of the fire has been ruled accidental.

Trahan says the fire originated when an occupant left a pot of grease unattended on a stove top.

The grease ignited and caught the cabinets in the kitchen on fire.

The kitchen sustained minimal damage thanks to the sprinkler system in the apartment activating and extinguishing the fire quickly.

However, Trahan tells News 10 that heavy water damage was seen seeping through light fixtures on the first floor.

Sixty-nine tenants were evacuated out of concern of electrical hazards from the water and were later transported to two local hotels.

The management company arranged for the transportation and lodging.

No one was reported injured.


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette firefighters responded to a small fire at Evangeline Elderly Apartments in the 300 block of Jefferson Street.

A preliminary investigation determined that the fire was confined to the kitchen area of an apartment on the fourth floor where the sprinkler system activated and extinguished the fire.

Fire Spokeman Alton Trahan said because the fourth floor sustained some water damage, and is currently seeping through some of the electrical fixtures onto each floor below, out of precaution fireman are working on evacuating all 65 occupied apartments.

He said Acadian Ambulance is also on scene assisting with the evacuation process.

No injuries were reported.

Trahan said the property management is working on a contingency plan to house the tenants in the event that the building is not be able to be occupied tonight.



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