Veggie Garden

Today in your Lawn & Garden, we’re talking about the fall garden but before we get to that, the summer Garden is still producing John.

Yeah, we’re still pulling a few cucumbers out, some okra, tomatoes some people have now. They’re looking good. Now that it cooled down the tomatoes and everything are looking good. But there’s different things to plant right now. We have the onion tops, the shallots. This comes straight up out the ground, you plant them and two days later, they’re up. It’s also time to plant your cabbage, you know, in plants, broccoli, cauliflower, collards by seed, mustard, turnips radish all your parsley. Things like that, it’s time to do that. So enjoy the good weather this time of year, it’s a lot cooler, people enjoy working in the yard and don’t forget to fertilize. I have the granulated 5-20-20 fertilizer, you want to throw it throughout your garden, and it’ll feed it throughout the winter, just one application.

The garden is still making okra and cucumbers?

Oh yeah, right now until it reaches the 40s and stuff, or until a good frost. But you can’t plant that right now? Oh no, not now.

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