Lawn Weed Killing

Today in your Lawn and Garden we’re talking about weeds. It’s hard to believe this time of year weeds could be a problem in Acadiana, but especially if they get help from some worms too John.

Yeah the sod web worms have hit us hard this year so they’re gone now. It’s time to plant rye grass or whatever but in the meanwhile you’re full of weeds right now that have grown in those bare areas. Virginia button weed for one is our worst and many other ones that we have. I have this for the small homeowner, this will cover a 100 by 50 area, and it’ll get the Virginia button weed and many other weeds. But we also have many people who are on an acre or better. So I have this product right here, it’s called MSM. Like I said, it works great and you don’t have to worry about burning your lawn or anything like that at this time. We also have other chemicals we can use separately or mix them together. If you have a bad, bad problem. If you mix the Atrazine and the weed zone together it’ll basically almost get everything. Again this is a time of year when it’s 85 or below, safe to use without burning up your lawn. Also at this time you may want to green up your lawn a little bit, not necessarily make it grow, but green it up, I have this product called Milorgonite and it works great, does not burn and it’s all natural. For people who are trying to start something new, you may want to put some with a little Nitrogen but it’s not recommended because it doesn’t help out with brown patch so you may want to stay away from that.


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