Increase in Car Accidents Involving Pedestrian and Bicyclist Raises Concern at Trauma Center

Credit: KLFY

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Halloween weekend is among us along with cooler fall temperatures, making it pleasant to go for a stroll or a ride.

The trauma center at Lafayette general medical center wants everyone to be safe, especially while trick or treating.

“One of the things that we do is that we track the number of traumatic injuries that we see throughout Acadiana,” says Daryl Cetnar, the Director of Communications

Medical experts in the trauma center at Lafayette General say they’ve noticed a significant increase in pedestrians and bicyclists hit by cars. On average they typically see 150 trauma patients a month.

In the past week, the trauma center has seen eight patients, of all ages who were hit by cars while walking or riding their bikes.

Jaqueline Venable, The Trauma Program Manager at LGMC says this has been a trend that has been slowly creeping up over the past two to three weeks.

Acadiana is becoming more bicycle friendly, with rentable bicycles on campus, and more bike lanes as well.

LGMC says the recent trauma patients that were in bike accidents, the accidents didn’t happen in any of the new bike lane areas.

With Halloween coming up LGMC wants to make sure that the public is aware of what is going on and what has been happening.

The first rule of thumb is to always wear a helmet.

Also, drivers should be aware and always give bicyclists three feet of space. Bicyclists have to be mindful and not ride their bikes on sidewalks.

Nick Anselmo, an accounting major, says he’s seen people on bikes almost get in accidents. “I saw a guy almost get hit on campus the other day, the truck turned in front of him and he went over there and the bar almost hit the truck,” says Anselmo.

Pedestrians are also reminded to obey simple traffic laws. If there is a sidewalk available, always use the sidewalk.

You should be walking towards traffic if you’re a pedestrian so you can stay alert to what’s going on.

If you or someone you know is in an accident, call 911 immediately.

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