State Fire Marshal gives Halloween safety tips


The following has been released by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal:

Baton Rouge, LA – While the chances are very slim that any major party candidates for president will knock on your door to solicit votes, there is little doubt that there will be one or more persons portraying them in costume who may come seeking a few delicious treats from you this Halloween.

And regardless whether it’s Clinton, Trump, or a number of other characters, both real and imagined, it’s always advisable to plan and be prepared to avoid the possibility of a very unwelcomed visitor to your home: FIRE.

While many holidays that involve an increase in cooking, such as Thanksgiving, bring added potential of fires, Halloween has its own share of fire dangers—and devastation—as well.

In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration has reported that in the days immediately preceding Halloween each year, there are over 10,000 fires in America, which claim over two (2) dozen lives and inflict injuries to an additional 125 people. These fires also inflict damage to property, including homes and vehicles, costing nearly 100 million dollars.

To help make Halloween more fun and far less scary, the State Fire Marshal’s Office encourages all who participate to observe the following guidelines:

  • When choosing a costume, find those that are labeled as being fire Also, avoid costumes that have long, trailing material that can lead to falls or can catch fire if contact is made with an open flame.
  • All who will be walking streets and sidewalks, especially children, should carry flashlights or light sticks to help illuminate walkways and serve as beacons for vehicles and others to
  • Children should always be accompanied by adults who should encourage them to avoid running through yards where decorations could pose risks of injury or
  • Instead of using actual candles to light pathways or decorations, use battery-powered, cool-to-the-touch LED
  • To maintain quick escape routes in the event of a fire, keep exits and entrances clear of decorations and other
  • Make sure that all smoke alarms in a home or building are

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