Car accidentally taken from driveway returned with apology note, gas money

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Portland family has an unusual story after their car was stolen by mistake.

“I got home about 6:45 and my husband came home around 9:30 and asked me where I parked my car, told him I parked it in the driveway and he was like, well it’s not there.”

Erin Hatzi said that is when her family first learned something was wrong Tuesday night.

After looking at surveillance video they saw a woman get into their Subaru and drive off.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, Hatzi’s car was returned to her driveway with a note and $30. The note explained the person sent their friend to pick up their car on the same road and they got into the wrong car.

“It’s like my car went on an adventure over night and like, came back with a hilarious story and some money.”

Hatzi said police detained the woman but after finding the note, they let her go.

Fox 12 learned that older Subaru’s have keys that will work interchangeably and so that is how the woman took Hatzi’s car.

Hatzi said she has now bought a club for her steering wheel.

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