VIDEO: Audience lays hands on bus after musician Jamie Bergeron takes break during Crowley Gumbo Cook-off

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)  Many festival-goers said they were in awe Saturday at the Gumbo Cook off in Crowley after Cajun Music Star Jamie Bergeron had retired to his bus to rest after playing for 30 minutes.

When Bergeron’s bassist asked for prayers for Jamie, more than half of those in attendance walked to his bus, laid hands on it & prayed for him.

“Very touching act from this wonderful community we belong to here,” said fellow musician Steve Riley.

Earlier this year in June, Bergeron announced that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Bergeron, leader of his Kickin’ Cajuns Band, has been a popular in Louisiana clubs and festivals for more than 15 years.

His mix of Cajun, zydeco, country and rock has produced hits like “Shake It Shake It Baby,” “Empty Glass,” “RCA (Registered Coonass)” and “10 To A 2.”




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