Dixie Cab owner: Agreement reached to pay nearly $56K in Redflex invoices

Photo: KLFY

UPDATE: LCG responds, saying no agreement had been reached. Click here for story.

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  The owner of the Dixie Cab Company, Salah Yousef says he will not be closing his Lafayette business any time soon. Yousef says he’s reached an agreement with the Lafayette Consolidated Council to resolve nearly $56,000 in Redflex camera fines.

Yousef states that he’s grateful for the agreement that’s been reached. Yousef confirms that his gratefulness in no way extends to the support of the Redflex program.

Yousef has been in business for 20 plus years. He says he has approximately 80 workers who depend on being able to make a living. “Some are like family and friends. We grew up together.  Their problems are mine,” adds Yousef.

Yousef says he was told to return to city hall to try to resolve the increasing dollar amount of ticket invoices. Yousef says LCG Chief Administrative Officer Lowell Duhon was helpful. “We came to a conclusion an agreement. It’s not a very complicated agreement,” notes Yousef.

According to Yousef, as the owner of Dixie Cab, he would pay an agreed upon balance. The late payments he says that total $25,000 to $28,000 would be removed.  “We agreed that he would go to a judge and see what is collectible from the balance.  We can go back to 2007 and we get rid of what’s not collectible of the balance; then we negotiable.  I don’t think I should be paying any of it because I am not the driver or wasn’t the driver,” says Yousef.

Yousef claims he’s willing to take responsibility for his share of how the discussion went from business to personal before the council.  Plus, overall Yousef states that he’s content with the results and the current administration’s willingness to hear him out. “I want to thank Duhon for being understanding and also flexible,” says Yousef.


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