Do you believe in Ghosts? You may after this

Photo: KLFY

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)—We teamed up with Louisiana’s biggest group of paranormal investigators, LA Spirits which has been around since 2005 investigating haunted places around Acadiana.

There are numerous haunted locations all around Louisiana. Starting with the Crowley Rice Museum, we teamed up with LA Spirits, and set up some cameras and microphones to try and get in touch with some of Acadiana’s lost souls.

Many buildings throughout Acadiana have a haunted tale attached to them, and in Crowley the rice Museum and Theater are no exception.

Cimi Calvaruso and Doug Hargrave have been hunting ghosts for years, and they let KLFY’s Emily Giangreco team up with them for a paranormal investigation.

First investigation started at the Crowley Rice Museum which had been shut down since 2005.

“We came here about a year ago and we received a lot of EVPs,” said Calvaruso, “a lot of spirit box action, so much that is drawn us to come back.”

Next stop was the Crowley Rice Theater where there have been multiple reports.

The first movie was shown in January of 1940, and while the theatre is still open to the public today, spirits continue to make their presence known.

One soul in particular reached out during the investigation. We later found that Mac was the projectionist when the theater was first opened.

These are just a few examples of haunted locations around Acadiana.

LA Sprits warns viewers to not to try to contact the dead on your own.

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