Duson Police Chief speaks out on $500,000 fuel card arrests

Photo: KLFY

DUSON, La. (KLFY) – In a nine-month investigation, police have arrested six people in connection with stealing a company’s fuel cards and then charging more than $500,000 on them.

Duson Police arrested William Dishinger, Sarah Green, Janice Sherman, Macy Butler, Tiffany Caldwell and Milligan William for stealing fuel cards from Baker Hughes’ vehicles and using them at various Love’s Truck Stops.

The case spans 49 jurisdictions over 7 states including Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. Duson Police Chief Kip Judice said the suspects targeted smaller towns to avoid getting caught.

“They felt like they were incompetent police departments in the smaller areas and that the media wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to those smaller agencies,” Judice said.

According to Judice, police were able to solve the case through the power of social media after posting a photo of Green in March at a Love’s Truck Stop in Duson.

“They also used the Love’s stores because they knew there was an override at the Love’s store that allowed them to charge things other than just fuel,” Judice said.

The six suspects stole the cards from vehicles parked in the Baker Hughes parking lots, including lots in Broussard and Crowley. Judice said police are investigating whether the suspects knew someone inside the company.

“We’re looking to confirm that. We’re running through Baker Hughes employees, all these people’s names, to determine whether they were a part-time employee or an associate of that company,” Judice said.

Judice said because there are 49 different police jurisdictions involved in this case, they are working with the FBI to possibly take the case over.

KLFY reached out to both Baker Hughes and Love’s Truck Stops but they did not return our phone calls.

Duson police said they believe one other person is out there in connection with the crime spree.

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