Tips for safe and Happy Halloween

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)—Tonight (Oct. 31) kids and families across Acadiana will be dressed up in costume for trick-or-treating.

Tonight is all Halloween and the Lafayette Police Department wants to ensure families have a fun and safe time Trick-Or-Treating.

“We’re going to be hitting those areas, neighborhoods that we know will have events. “Said Officer Karl Rattcliff, “We’re going to be patrolling constantly, making sure that everybody’s safe and everybody’s enjoying their holiday the right way. As many officers out on the road in the areas where trick-or-treating’s happening as we possibly can.”

Some tips to follow are keeping your little witches and goblins close at all times, using face paints or hats instead of masks so it won’t impair vision and staying out of the street.

“The big issues we have each year on Halloween is injuries. And most of those injuries are from people being in road ways, people getting hit by cars, or hurting themselves in peoples yards so to kind of alleviate some of that you want to make sure that you have costumes that are highly visible.” Said Rattcliff.

For those who are looking for a safer alternative, Acadiana Mall is hosting a Trick-Or-Treating event.

Participating retailers will display a sign in their window welcoming little-costumed creatures.

For residents like Bethany Wilson, it’s a tradition, “Oh we love it we’ve done it every single year. And it’s just so, its family oriented its safe.”

The event at the Acadiana Mall will go on until 7 p.m. if you’re looking for a fun place to go Trick-Or-Treating, head on over.

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