LCG councilman calls for a restart of the Lafayette police chief selection process

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – It’s been ten months since Lafayette has had a permanent police chief and three candidates are still vying for the position.

Council member Kenneth Boudreaux is accusing the Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service Board of making discriminatory comments.

At Tuesday night’s Lafayette Consolidated Government meeting, Boudreaux asked Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux to reject the current police chief candidates and have the board do it over again.

The board is in charge of the qualification process, while the mayor-president appoints the police chief.

A recording played at the LCG meeting states the following conversation between Chairman Jason Boudreaux and attorney Candice Hattan of the fire and police civil service board:

“Chairman Jason Boudreaux: I tell you what I want.
Attorney Candice Hattan: We can’t do that. They closed the debtors prison down. We cannot hang the poor lady by you know, by a rope in front of the court house for the birds to pick her ear, eyes out.”

Boudreaux said he is publicly asking the resignation for the chairman, the vice chairman and the attorney of the police fire and civil service board.

Earlier this year Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux asked the board to change qualifications for the police chief candidates. The board denied this request.

“In the history of Lafayette there hasn’t been a mayor or parish president who has been denied the ability to hire the person he wants to hire. He asked for qualifications to broaden the pool, to broaden that selection process,” Boudreaux said.

According to retired Lafayette police officer Andres Landor, this isn’t the first time people have complained about this board.

“I’ve attended meetings where you know they’re rude. They tell you to shut up and sit down. And when you say something back in rebuttal, they threaten to kick you out,” Landor said.

No one from the Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service Board was at tonight’s meeting.

News Ten tried to contact the board, but they could not be reached for comment.

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