Eagle Scout project brings American Flag retirement drop-off location to Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A local Eagle Scout came up with a way for residents in Lafayette to dispose of a flag properly.

News Tens Emily Giangreco has the story.

An Eagle Scout project turns into a benefit for the community after a young man donated a flag box to help residents retire flags properly.

Christian Edwards presented a flag box that he made for the community to help residents properly retire American flags.

Not many Americans know that you aren’t suppose to throw a flag in the trash, but retire it in a dignified way.

There’s actually an entire ceremony that youre suppose to do. You cut it into strips in a dignified way as well that way it’s no longer a flag and then when you burn it, your’e not burning a flag, you’re retiring it in a proper way.

While the Eagle Scout project took almost a year to put together the box itself was built in 4 hours.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the main library for the box.

This project is very special. Our citizens need an outlet to retire their flags properly and theres not many of these boxes around for them to do that.

Edwards says he  is hoping this box will help raise awareness about retiring flags properly.

I just wanted to raise awareness that way more people know to bring their flags to a place like this or to contact any vetern that they know that way the flag is retired properly and respected.

The box will remain here at the ain library branch and residents can drop off their flags during library hours.

Reporting in Lafayette, Emily Giangreco KLFY News Ten.





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