Voters asked to bring nonperishable food items for Election Day Food Drive

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – This election day, voters can fulfill their civic duty by voting, while at the same time helping out the less fortunate.

Tuesday at the polls, Food Net and the Lafayette Rotary Club are teaming together once again for the Election Day Food Drive and helping those in need.

“What we’d like to do is when people come to vote bring either canned goods or dry goods to help out the local community for Food Net,” Stan Messinger said, former president of the Lafayette Rotary Club.

Food Net spent Monday putting boxes at every polling site in Lafayette Parish.

“We are always in need of protein items so things like peanut butter, tuna, any kind of meat in a can, meals in a can like chili, dry beans, things like that,” Julie LaFleur said, executive director of the Food Net Food Bank.

While election food drives are nothing new for Acadiana, both Messinger and LaFleur said this year is a little bit different.

“With the floods, there was an increase in the need of food and a slight increase in the number of clients being served,” LaFleur said.

“It’s big time for Lafayette especially with all the flooded houses and everything that we have right now, a lot of people are really downing out and a lot of people in the oil field have lost their jobs so it’s very important that we get this food out to the people,” Messinger said.

According to Messinger, last year’s Election Day Food Drive collected approximately 12,000 pounds of food, but four years ago during the last presidential election, the food drive collected close to 20,000 pounds of food.

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