Freeze Cloth

We here in Southwest Louisiana love the cool and cold weather but sometimes it gets a little too cold and we need to protect our plants. We have something that can help out quite a bit.

Your tender plants such as citrus can’t take temperatures around 26 degrees. You need to cover your hibiscus plants. I have this freeze cloth material that is reusable from year to year. We have the stakes, pins that you place in the ground to hold it down. Bring the cloth closer to the trunk of the plant and tie it up there. It will protect you citrus, your hibiscus, and many other plants you may have. Many people have plants under the carport, if we have a good freeze you may just want to lay this over it and it will keep it from freezing.

People are saying it looks like visqueen but this is a lot different from that?

No this is a breathable material. It lets the air and water through it. Many people kill plants with visqueen if you put it too tight. If you put plants under visqueen make sure it’s above the plant, because if not it can burn.

All we have to do is put it on right before the cold comes?

That’s right, if you’re having a week of warm weather, take it off and let it breathe.

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