Lafayette residents weigh in why voting on election day is special

LAFAYETTE. La. (KLFY) – Tuesday voters patiently waited in line to step into the booth and cast their vote, and many say voting on election day is a patriotic, family tradition.

Election day is underway and polling sites across the nation are busier than ever.

“Every four years for the presidential election people turn out above normal average,” said Lafayette Parish clerk of Court Louis Perret.

Voting Precinct Commissioner Christine Daunis said Lafayette High School was steady since the doors opened at 6 am.

“It’s been pretty steady this morning. We’ve had very little lulls it was very busy first thing in the morning when the polls opened there was a long line but it’s been extremely steady.”

Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret said about 16 thousand residents voted early this year, so for election day voters should expect long lines.

“We do anticipate after people get off work around five those lines will start getting lengthy so please be patient with us.”

Although early voting is convenient for some, others enjoy the patriotic feel of election day.

“I think the idea of the whole community showing up shows that we are all one and that we all respect what our community stands for,” said Cory Guidry.

Making election day a patriotic tradition for many families.

“For many it’s school isn’t on today, it’s bring your child, show them the experience of voting, for senior citizens they participate they always seem to come out and it’s just part of America’s tradition.”

The polls close at 8, so to be sure your votes counts you must be in line before 8 pm.

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