St. Landry Parish voters give insight on voting experience

ST. LANDRY, La (KLFY) – In St. Landry Parish, News 10 is told voting has been running smoothly at all the precincts and voter turnout has been pretty steady.

All day voters have been pouring into Park Vista Elementary School to cast their vote, and they say whether their candidate wins or not they’re just happy to exercise their right.

“This is my first time, so I was very excited,” said Saiful Emon.

Emon is among several others who are voting for the first time and they say it was a new and different experience.

“I was a little confused on what to do, what to press, what not to press, but it’s pretty simple,” said Emon.

“Usually I really don’t care about what’s going on politics, but this year was overwhelming, so that’s why I planned to vote,” said Shayla Era.

The voting precinct commissioner at Park Vista Elementary School says when they arrived at about 5:30 a.m. there was already a line of about 30 people waiting to get in.

James Simien says this isn’t his first rodeo at the polls, but applauds the precinct staff for making the process an enjoyable experience.

“Things went pretty smoothly inside and it’s just awesome,” said Simien. “I think more young people need to take part in the voting process.”

Although voting on election day means long lines, many say they prefer waiting over early voting.

“I really don’t want to do early voting, because it’s all about excitement,” said Era. “The last moment you do it and you see everyone else doing it.”

“I find it kind of difficult for handicap people to get to the courthouse, it’s real difficult, so I choose to come on election day,” said Simien.

Voters say the momentum that has been carried on by both presidential candidates so far just has everyone anticipating tonight’s results.

“I think it’s going to go great,” said Simien. “I think it’s going to be real good tonight and I can’t wait.”

The polls will close at 8 p.m. As long as you’re in line by 8 you’ll be eligible to vote.

For more election day information, download the GeauxVote app.

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