‘Duck Dynasty’ star: How about a hunt at Camp David?

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson began appearing with Trump last fall like this appearance at the Oklahoma State Fair. (Photo: FILE/J Pat Carter, AP)

(The Daily Advertiser) – The ducks and deer at the presidential retreat Camp David better beware.

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson, who campaigned with and for President-elect Donald Trump for the past year, plans to organize a hunt.

“We know the right people,” said Robertson, laughing, during an interview with USA Today Network of Louisiana.

Robertson said he hasn’t yet spoken to the president-elect to congratulate him on his victory, but he hopes to see Trump next week on a trip to New York promoting his new book “The American Fisherman.”

The reality TV star and author might be Louisiana’s closest connection to Trump.

“I wanted something different than either side had been providing,” Robertson said of his alliance with Trump. “It’s good to shake things up.”

Robertson admitted he was surprised by Trump’s victory.

“On Tuesday it seemed like such an uphill climb,” he said. “But I watched the states just keep rolling in and the tide had clearly turned.”

Robertson said he could sense Trump’s connection to a blue-collar base that felt abandoned by the establishment of both parties.

“He spoke to them; his message resonated,” Robertson said. “I looked at all of that red in the Midwest knew that their voices were finally being heard in this election.

“What’s so amazing about that is he’s a big-city guy whose very successful, but he understood their struggles and frustrations and he had a clear vision of how to reach them. And boy did they ever deliver for him.”

Robertson said he was especially pleased with the unifying tone of Trump’s victory speech.

“I though his speech was great — one of the best I’ve heard,” he said. “It’s not time to gloat. It’s time to come together and do the hard work of governing for everyone, which I believe he will do.”

As for a potential cabinet position?

“Maybe the kitchen cabinet,” Robertson said. “I’ll break out some venison and we’ll have a feast.”

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